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The origin of the word “Escorial”

Many people know where it is or they have probably visited the Monastery of El Escorial. However, if we asked many of them about it, more than once would say “no”.

In fact, it doesn´t exist an agreement between the academics because many theories exist about that name´s origin.

The word “Escorial” comes from the latin, from the term “aesculus”, ésculo en Spanish, which is a similar tree to a holm oak. The father Martín Sarmiento translated the term “Escurial” from the latin “esculealis”. After the terms “esculeal”, “escurial” y “escorial”, and this is a plenty field of holm, cork and gall oaks. Other theories, as Andrés Avelino de Salaber y Artea said , say that this word called “Escouro”which means “oscuro” in Spanish, and this is according to the abundance of trees on the field around the Monastery which reduces the sunlight when the evening comes.

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