Philip II last days

In 1592, Philip II started to get ill, with no return, because he suffered from gout, and he couldn´t even be seated on his bed without suffer because of his pain. In order to solve it, Jean L´Hermite , The King´s assistant, made a special chair which made him possible changing his position.

All over the years, he lost his right hand´s movility which limited him to sign documents. However, his timide and reserved character made him hide the insecurity that it brought him several times, showing then, a colder and insensitive side.

Philip the second, being conscious that he hadn´t so much time left, he decided to stay at the Monastery of El Escorial to spend his last days.

In 30th of june of 1598 he left there and never came back.

One of his last actions as a king was to give a permission to get married to one of his favorites descendant, as Isabel Clara Eugenia was. Despite he kept signing documents, all his assistants and ministers took for granted that he was going to die, and the ascension to the throne of his son, as a consequence.

Princess Isabel stayed with him during his last days, bringing that spiritual peace which the monarch needed in those dying moments before his death. Despite his wickness, and also his assitants thought that he was already death, the monarch showed signs of good sense of humor.

After 53 dying days, Philip the second passed away in “San Lorenzo de El Escorial“. It was 13th of september of 1598.

He has always been remembered as a mercy and spiritual king, who was worried about his soul. He was called “The cautious” due to the humbleness which he showed compare to other kings in many moments of his Government.

In addition, he was very careful and neat with the official documents, because he used to read them thouroughly. It has to be mentioned the fact that he always granted a great value to the education and arts , becoming in a great ambassator of them during his government.

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